Yarn Review: Havirland “Pax Sock”

Yarn Review: Havirland, “Pax Sock” base


First Impressions:

Wound up in a ball – I’ve seen it called a “gobstopper ball” before – when it is a self-striping yarn. Frankensock kits are packaged up in a plastic bag, with each set of yarn wound up on a plastic bobbin (think the same as for embroidery floss). I could only wish that the bobbins were numbered or there was some way – short of checking the web shop – to identify which yarn was which. Otherwise, non-self-striping yarns are mailed as hanks.


No need to do anything to this if you’re knitting socks and you know you can get two socks out of one normal-sized ball. If you want to knit TAAT toe-up, you’ll want to pick your start point, and then wind onto a swift (or by hand) and then break it off at the same start point. For hanks, they fit easily on a swift.

Knitting Up:

I really enjoyed working with this yarn. It has good stitch definition, is smooth in the hand and on the needles, and no unexpected fuzz/halo. A little bit of fuzz has developed on it after washing and blocking the swatch, but only close inspection: from arm’s length, it’s incredibly crisp and clear. The stripes are not quite perfectly-matched in length, but within 1-2 rows. There was no visible dye bleeding when this was soaked and blocked.



In this review, I can include a “wear” section (yay!). I knit this up for my husband (at his request) into a pair of Tulip Poplar socks. He wears his socks hard at the balls of his feet and the heels, and has worn this pair at least a dozen times. There is some fuzzing and less definition at the points of major wear, but it’s holding up very well otherwise. These have been worn at work (he’s a teacher), when he’s been on his feet and walking most of the day.


Purchase Experience:
It’s never quite guaranteed what will be in the shop, so if you like something – grab it! I believe it’s possible to contact the dyer and ask for a custom dye/listing, but I haven’t done so. I’ve made two purchases from her: one included the above swatched/imaged yarn (“Shark and Awe”) and two Star Wars related skeins, and then a second order which included a Winter Frankensocks kit, and a hank of Vintage Ornament.


Studio/Dyer: Havirland
Base/Line: Pax Sock (80/20 merino/nylon, 400 yards/100g)
Weight: Fingering
Colourway: Shark and Awe
Put Up: ball
Purchase: Ordered online through the Havirland Etsy site.

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4 thoughts on “Yarn Review: Havirland “Pax Sock”

  1. Great idea to review sock yarns- I’m always interested in trying new yarns and so it’s helpful to hear about other knitters’ experiences, especially with regards to wear. Your shoes are the perfect knitted sock display!


    1. Thanks! I’m hoping to do one every two weeks – I ‘ported this one over from the placeholder blog and will have a new review up Monday – Mothy and the Squid (out of Scotland). 🙂 The shoes are clear Converse (who may very well get their own review down the road).

      Are there are any yarns (especially indie dyed ones) you’d particularly like to see?


      1. I’ll look out for the Mothy and the squid review- I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them, but I’m interested in trying out more local yarns (I’m based in England)-so any more UK yarn reviews in particular would be great!


  2. The review for Mothy is up here: https://stringnpaper.com/2018/01/29/yarn-review-mothy-and-the-squid-donegal-sock/ – I actually had to check to make sure that it had gone up and not sat in Drafts for some reason! 🙂

    It is actually cheaper for me to order a lot of UK yarns than commercial yarns from the US(!) so I have a number of UK indie dyers in my stash. I’ve got plans for Norah George Yarns next month, and then I have Stranded Dyeworks, Countess Ablaze, and Skein Queen in my metaphorical queue (… they’ll all be socks, it’s just a case of which one gets knit up first). And I… maaaay have broken my yarn diet and gotten some Beehive Yarns that should arrive next week…

    I’ll see if I can arrange this so there’s at least one UK dyer a month. Obviously, also, if you have any dyers in particular you’d suggest because you know and love them, I’m not always as familiar with them as I’d like to be, so I will happily take suggestions for them! 🙂


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