Yarn Review: Mothy and the Squid “Donegal Sock”

Yarn Review: Mothy and the Squid Donegal Sock


First Impressions:

The yarn comes in a hank, and neatly packaged; looks very similar to what was on my monitor. No surprises! I was excited about this yarn in particular as my husband and I are avid scuba divers who enjoy macro photography.


This was the image from the website, and what I ordered expecting. It was exactly as expected!



Hank fit neatly on my swift, and rolled off nicely onto the ball winder. The dye job was even, and none of the neps caught or snagged.

Knitting Up:

This was great to knit up; there were only a few (<10) neps amongst the entire project which were loose enough that they came out or I had to tug them out.

It is worth noting that when I blocked out both the socks and the swatch, there was a significant pinky-purple dye bleed – it took a good soak and then another good rinse before the water ran clear. I would definitely suggest pre-washing the skein, and not blending this with anything that wouldn’t handle a bleed okay. I have another skein of something similar to this for holiday socks come the winter, and I think I’ll be soaking it with a colour-catcher before I knit it up as a preventative measure.



I had requests for information about the plies and yarn itself, so here’s a super-zoomed picture of it. You can see the shirt fibers coming out here very easily, and a bit of the twist of the plies.




This yarn was knit for my husband into a plain vanilla sock. At a US0 tight gauge, he feels they are bulletproof and also incredibly comfortable: the yarn softened a little bit after blocking. I was able to get a good-sized pair of men’s socks out of these, and I would have been able to get more out of it, if I hadn’t gotten bored out of my gourd and been willing to knit more. I had enough left for the swatch, and realistically another 1-2″ of sock. Husband has since pointed out that I need to drop some stitches or go down a needle size for the cuffs since they’re a bit loose there. That said, it has taken a lot of effort to pry these off of his feet for a quick wash and a photo opportunity.

They stretched out significantly on his feet, but then blocked back very nicely to their original shape.


Purchase Experience:
I picked this up from the dyer’s Etsy store, and everything works up just like, or remarkably like, the image on the webpage. No issues or concerns about misrepresentation here!


Studio/Dyer: Mothy and the Squid
Base/Line: Donegal Sock, 85/15 merino/Donegal tweed neps
Weight: Fingering
Colourway: Flamboyant Cuttlefish
Put Up: hank
Purchase: From Mothy and the Squid Etsy store.


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2 thoughts on “Yarn Review: Mothy and the Squid “Donegal Sock”

  1. Great review! Please do more! I am looking for some indie dyed yarns and I have only bought one or two skeins before, so I’m quite hesitant that they won’t knit up anything like their beautiful ‘in the skein’ look. I think I liked the swatch best and your layout of your page it is so clean and easy to read.


    1. Thank you! Are there any dyers you’re particularly interested in/curious about? I’ve got a “queue”/calendar based on projects I have already knit up or I’m planning on, but it’s easy enough to shuffle those around in many cases.


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