Yarn Review: The Lemonade Shop “Sparkle DK”

Yarn Review: The Lemonade Shop Sparkle DK, “Sparkle Stormy Day”


First Impressions:

It’s pretty? It’s sparkly and the yarn is nicely plied and plump – it’s definitely not a flat yarn – and the stellina is integrated nicely with it. It doesn’t sit out and poke out, but it’s still definitively visible – unlike some companies where you’re wondering where the sparkle is supposed to be.

Another hank/skein of Sparkle Stormy Day. Lighting on this is not quite right – less fluoro.


It untwists nicely, and fits neatly on my swift. There were no knots or weird twists and tangles; it moved easily between swift and ball winder. I had a few ‘catches’ on the swift, but that’s because of the swift, not the yarn; I was worried the yarn had fuzzed up or been split, but it held its shape nicely.

Knitting Up:

The sparkle! The squish! This was knit up as a cabled hat (not perhaps the best use for this) and it was an absolute delight. There was no drying-out or abrasion of my fingers, there was no inclination to split in the yarn, and I think only one small piece of the silver stellina came out as I was knitting. It was easy to pick up dropped stitches – no splitting or sticking or slipping around. I found it was interesting to see how the pops of colour worked out in the pattern, and how they seemed to be almost predictable (but not entirely). It worked out in a nice spiral in the finished hat.


This is MUCH truer to colour. I love the sparkle with the rainbowed sections.



I am pretty sure this is a four-ply; it was very reluctant to un-ply itself for me.


Purchase Experience:

You can purchase this (as I did) off the Etsy shop. During the winter 2017 holiday season, the dyer went on a weekly update system (everything available in her shop on Tuesdays, order and then dyed if it wasn’t already a ready-to-ship item). She now appears to be back to a regularly stocked shop (yay!), but keep an eye on the About section of the Etsy page as circumstances and updates may change.

Studio/Dyer: The Lemonade Shop
Base/Line: Sparkle DK, 75/20/5 superwash merino/nylon/stellina
Weight: DK
Colourway: Stormy Day
Put Up: skein/hank
Purchase: Ordered online through The Lemonade Shop’s Etsy site.


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