Yarn Review: Norah George Yarns “BFL Sock”

Yarn Review: Norah George Yarns “BFL Sock” in “Egg Nog”



First Impressions:

I was a little nervous about this yarn, since it seemed rather thin compared to other yarn I’d been working with recently, but the hank looked gorgeous and everything was neatly packaged. The colours looked great in the hank.  I had not (and have not) knit much with Bluefaced Leicester, but have heard a lot about it because of the long staple of the yarn. This means that it is more durable than a short-stapled wool (such as merino). BFL is a “hot item” in the yarn world right now.



This did not in fact go on my swift(!) – it got toted around on vacation, and when I finished one project, I cast this on. I had to hand-wind it (using my four year old for help) and it wound easily and neatly; no twists or tangles in the skein, no splicing.


Knitting Up:

I knit up a pair of socks in this, and it was a lot of fun to work with. The BFL/nylon blend really lends itself to a “bulletproof” feel at a tight gauge, but it’s not a stiff yarn. It might be a bit scratchy if you are used to only working with superwash merino, but it has a good feel in hand and moved easily on my needles – first, DyakCraft Heavy Metal needles, and after a cable issue, some Addi needles (lace, I think?). I absolutely love working with this yarn and definitely will be buying another skein or two of the BFL Sock in the future.

I normally knit 64 stitch socks, and I ended up with a lot left – over 30g – even after knitting the sample swatch above. This yarn would be amazing for anyone who likes a long leg on their socks – it just seems to keep going and going!




This is a nicely-twisted 75/25 BFL/nylon. Again, rather uninclined to un-ply, so yay! As BFL has a long staple length (or, in other words, each piece of bluefaced leicester hair is long), it has significantly fewer frizzy/sticky-outy-bits (and yes, those are technical terms… aren’t they?).


Sorry, can’t fix the white balance on this! 😦



Limited wear so far due to the newness of the socks and project, but so far they are very comfortable and no signs of wear/felting. The yarn blocked out nicely, and the lace opens up significantly more on the leg when worn rather than when it’s posing on sock blockers for photo ops.


Purchase Experience:
I was introduced to Tracey’s yarns around the holiday season of 2017, so it was a bit tricky to get some of her yarns due to their popularity. Since I started keeping an eye on her shop (which, as of posting this, has weekly GMT Saturday evening updates), I’ve been able to score some very pretty skeins. She’s incredibly prompt with shipping.

Studio/Dyer: Norah George Yarns
Base/Line: BFL Sock, 75/25 BFL/Nylon
Weight: 100g, 425m
Colourway: Egg Nog
Put Up: hank
Purchase: I purchased this directly from the dyer’s website, Norah George Yarns.

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