Yarn Review: Invictus Yarns “Master of My Feet”

Yarn Review: Invictus Yarns “Master of My Feet” in Oatmeal


First Impressions:

Well-packaged, neatly labelled and skeined. Colours look just like they did on the website.


Fit neatly on the swift with no tangles or needing to stretch it to weird angles.

Knitting Up:

Smooth, like butter! I just want to keep petting it and petting it and petting it. I used another skein of a different colourway, same base, as the main colour in a pair of socks (Kanteletar), and the 80/20 merino blend is butter-smooth. Since it’s a hand-dye the dye isn’t entirely evenly distributed across the skein (there’s some tone variation), but it’s good for colourwork and has a solid consistency across the skein. No splitting, knots, splicing, or other yarn-based drama.


This sock is all Invictus: the MC and the pale tan-white are Master of My Feet, and the brown-yellow is Beyond (her MCN blend).




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese have worn nicely – I’ve had the Kanteletar finished for awhile and they have had no dye transfer issues, no colour bleeding during washes, and the wear is as expected. I knit and gifted another pair of socks out of Master of My Feet in 2016 for Sock Madness, and I’m told by the recipient that they have held up really well and no complaints.


This has a tight twist which makes for a durable fabric; it is quite soft as well (as an 80/20 Merino/nylon blend).


Purchase Experience:

It was incredibly easy: went onto the Etsy site, picked what I wanted, and shipped! The dyer even refunded shipping overages when applicable. She also combined shipments for me (when I was picking up an event-related colourway).


A hard-wearing, durable, well-dyed yarn.

Studio/Dyer: Invictus Yarns
Base/Line: Master of My Feet, 80/20 Merino/nylon
Weight: fingering
Colourway: Oatmeal
Put Up: hank/sken
Purchase: directly from the Invictus Yarns Etsy site. 

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