Yarn Review: Madelinetosh “Twist Light”

Yarn Review: Madelinetosh Twist Light, “Veruca Salt”

Note: Madelinetosh is a dye company I consider independent, but just barely. They don’t own their own flocks or mill, but their level of wholesale production is immense, such as that it may be considered commercial simply in terms of quantities produced. If you have any more information about their operation that would help me decide firmly which camp they are in – indie or commercial – I would love to hear it! I struggled for some time to decide whether or not I felt Madelinetosh was indie or commercial, and it was not an easy decision. 


First Impressions:

THE SQUISH. THE RED. Even in a different colourway, Madelinetosh is always supremely squishy, and Twist Light is no exception.



Everything fit nicely on the swift for winding, no knots or tangles.

Knitting Up:

I was nervous about this particular yarn because of a previous experience with Madelinetosh (Madelinetosh Vintage in “Tart”) which bled like the dickens when I blocked it. That being a few years ago and a different base, but a saturated red, I decided I would knit this up in a single-colour project on grounds of that fear of bleeding, and I was pleasantly surprised that I had absolutely no bleeding – either in the socks or in the swatch! I let the swatch sit for a good 30 minutes and swished it around, and there was no excess dye in the water.

Show me those plies!


After blocking, the yarn seemed to stretch out significantly (at least to me), by a good solid half an inch. I had a similar experience with a previous pair of socks knit in the same base last year, but I wasn’t sure if it was “my sock knitting skills then” or “the yarn”, but I’m inclined to say that the yarn definitely will block out a bit bigger than you plan. That said, it wears well; I knit a pair of socks in Twist Light in 2016 for my husband, and they have worn quite well and he is hard on his socks. I would 100% swatch first, even if “you know how you knit”, because of that stretch.


This is a very springy yarn, with a fairly tight twist. It works wonderfully for cables and texture –  anything where you want good stitch definition.

Purchase Experience:
This was an exclusive colourway purchased from Eat.Sleep.Knit. in Dallas, GA, USA; they have a lot of yarns in their shop, and ship internationally. They get fairly regular restocks on their stock, and are prompt in communicating what colourways/bases are being restocked, discounted, discontinued, or other such fates: they are my go-to online shop for MadTosh.

Studio/Dyer: Madelinetosh
Base/Line: Twist Light, 75/25 superwash Merino/nylon
Weight: fingering
Colourway: Veruca Salt (Eat Sleep Knit exclusive)
Put Up: hank/skein
Purchase: Via Eat.Sleep.Knit’s online shop.

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