Podcast/Vlog Is Live!

So – I’d been waffling about this for awhile – but it’s now live!

[There will be an every-other-week podcast accompanying this blog!]

The podcast will be your ‘typical’ knitting podcast: FOs, WIPs, rambling,  but will also feature more in-depth commentary about the projects and yarns I’m working on that will eventually end up here. If I’m terribly clever and put the planning and effort in I will remember to link appropriate blog coverage in the podcast/vlog, and will be able to reference the episode numbers in posts.

As an example – in Episode 1, I talk about Circus Tonic Handmade’s Revelry Sock base which I knit up as Blackberry Socks for Sock Madness. They may not make it here on the blog until May or June, so you’ll be able to bounce back and see where they are on the podcast, how they looked new, and then any wear/dye transfer/etc. commentary in the yarn review post itself.

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I've bounced around the world as tourist, exchange student, and now with a spouse visa in my passport. I've flirted with over a dozen languages, having longer and more intense affairs with some, and long-term relationships with a handful, even today. I have studied linguistics, history, and anthropology, worked in the fields of international relocation, cross-cultural training, and teaching ESL/EFL. Currently I do consultant work as an EFL teacher and as a proofreader/editor.

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