Yarn Review: The Yarn Jar 2 Ply Glitter

Yarn Review: The Yarn Jar 2 Ply Glitter, “The Christmas Grouch”


It’s a little bit too bright in this picture, but is pretty accurate, and this may be useful for gauging the striping on her yarns (where the dark green was an extra-thick stripe).

First Impressions:

You can request that the yarn arrive in a skein or a gobstopper ball; I requested a gobstopper ball, just because I wasn’t certain when I’d knit it up, and I find that wrap style terribly pretty if I’m going to look at it for awhile! A cute pair-of-mittens progress keeper was included, too.



To ensure I had two even balls to make matchy-matchy socks, I used a yarn bowl, ball winder and scale to split the skein. The yarn moved easily with the yarn bowl and ball winder, and I was able to divide it up easily.

Knitting Up:

Maybe it’s because I came to this after knitting up BFL, but I found this yarn incredibly squishy and plush. It is a two-ply with the stellina spun into it and only a few points where it was almost coming out, but I never ended up plucking any out due to loose spinning. I also never ran into any issues with over-twisting or untwisting. On this self-striping yarn, the striping is not identical in width, and is a bit uneven due to the nature of hand-dyeing, so making these match was rather problematic.

That said, I ran into a lot of splices – at least eight – whilst knitting. They were all in different places, and while they were well-done (I am not concerned about the sections coming loose), it was still a surprising number of splices. I don’t know if that came from the dye process used by this dyer, or if that was the condition the skein was shipped in from the mill.


Better colour-accurate shot. And look at that stellina – it may look like it wants to come out, but it is super snug in there!



Having recently knit these up, I can’t comment on the wear for them at this time.



Two plies, the stellina well-integrated into them.


Purchase Experience:

I purchased the yarn through The Yarn Jar Shop’s Etsy site. It was straightforward and easy, and shipped promptly. There are lots of pictures of the yarns on the website, and they are true to colour upon arrival. Whilst I’ve been checking the Etsy site, there have always been things in stock, and the dyer has a lot of options available.

Studio/Dyer: The Yarn Jar Shop
Base/Line: 2 Ply Glitter, 75/20/5 superwash merino/nylon/stellina
Weight: fingering
Colourway: The Christmas Grouch
Put Up: gobstopper ball
Purchase: A personal purchase via the Yarn Jar Shop’s Etsy site.

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