Yarn Review: Sweet Georgia Yarns Tough Love Sock

Yarn Review: Sweet Georgia Yarns “Tough Love Sock” in Snowfall

SGY is on the border of ‘indie dyer’ and ‘commercial’ to me, due to the scale of their wholesale operation. They are still small in terms of staff, but they have a fairly good sized workspace, at least based on the YouTube videos available. 

First Impressions:

Nicely packaged and labelled. The ‘Snowfall’ was purchased in conjunction with a blue, and on the site it looked a little more white than it ended up being; that said, it’s well within any expected tolerances for graphics card variation.



No problem getting it on the swift; no tangles or knots or any other issues with it. I particularly like that you can identify most of the information in the dyelot (year-month-day, then I think probably batch/pot dyed?) so it’s worth keeping the ball band.

Knitting Up:

Nice and plush, good stitch definition, and no splits, splices, knots or issues. The dye was even across the skein (well, as much as one can expect out of a kettle/pot-dyed process, rather than a commercial vat): it is tonal, but not inclined to pool or flash. You may see pooling or flashing in some of the variegated yarns, depending on how they are knit up.




I’ve knit a few things in Tough Love sock over the years, from socks to shawls and then these mittens, and they have all held up well, with no dye bleed/transference. That said, I do know of one person who has almost violently hard water and the pH is so different from that used to dye SGY, that she experiences a lot of dye bleed: she even did some troubleshooting with Felicia Lo (the main person behind Sweet Georgia) and they came up blank on a resolution. If you know you have extremely hard water, you may want to test before you commit to a large purchase.


3 plies, evenly spun.


Purchase Experience:
Sweet Georgia is stocked in various places, from online yarn shops to your friendly local yarn store. These skeins came from Eat Sleep Knit, which stocks a number of Sweet Georgia bases. What ESK doesn’t have you can often get from a local yarn shop (especially in Canada, as they are Vancouver based)  or even the Sweet Georgia website directly. Bear in mind that in 2018 they are transitioning to a new colour palette, so certain colours may not be available at all places as of when you read this.

TL;DR: Very reliable sock yarn, great for colourwork socks.

Studio/Dyer: Sweet Georgia Yarns
Base/Line: Tough Love Sock, 80/20 merino/nylon
Weight: fingering/sock – 115g has 425 yards/388m
Colourway: Snowfall
Put Up: skein
Purchase: I purchased these on the Eat.Sleep.Knit. website.

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